Sealy Cocoon 8" Medium
Sealy Cocoon 8" Medium
Sealy Cocoon 8" Medium
Sealy Cocoon 8" Medium

Sealy Cocoon 8" Medium

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Your Bedroom, Your Escape

Your bedroom should be comfortable. More than just a place to lay your head, it should be a place that feels like you—an escape, a retreat, a reflection of your style. We believe the bedroom should be your “happy place.” It all starts with investing in the right mattress. Backed by 135 years of Sealy experience and expertise, we believe in providing a truly outstanding experience when it comes to finding your perfect mattress. We believe that the finest details matter. We believe that quality and beautiful design are not reserved for the few. When you have a bed that you truly love, that is catered to your needs, that you can trust to deliver superior quality...then you can build a space around it that brings comfort and happiness into each day. Cocoon by Sealy. Transform your Bedroom.™

Why Cocoon?

Superior Quality - A step up in quality and durability that you can see and feel because of Sealy’s 135 years of experience and innovation. The quality of our testing centre is unmatched. We go above and beyond industry standards to guarantee our mattresses will stand up to 10 years of use. Supremely Comfortable - An upgrade in comfort, and because we know that one comfort doesn’t fit all, we offer choices to fit your preferences and sleep style. Modern, Sophisticated Design - Quality and experience through beauty and function across materials/ aesthetics/design, from the bed to all brand touchpoints. REAL QUALITY. BETTER SLEEP. Premium Fabric Cover - Our premium stretch-knit fabric cover with spun poly fibers that’s breathable and durable with a soft feel. Perfect Fit Memory Foam - Our high-quality memory foam adapts to your body size, shape, and sleep position to ensure a great sleep. Personalized Comfort - Choose our soft layer for a cozier, more in-the-bed feel. Choose our firm layer for a sturdier, on-the-bed feel. Essential Support Foam - Engineered to be highly durable and resilient. We’ve tested it, and we know it bounces back every time.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between soft and firm is how much you settle into the bed. Soft feels like you’re “in the bed,” while firm has an “on the bed” feeling. Use our scale to find the mattress that best matches your feel preferences. Cocoon Soft - Perfect for those who like to be hugged by their bed. Choose soft if you fall in the soft to medium range and prefer a plusher feel. Cocoon Firm - Great for those who want a sturdy feel on their bed. Choose firm if you fall in the medium to firm range, and prefer a firmer feel.

Setting Up Your Cocoon

  1. Unbox - Move the box into the room in which you plan to set up your Cocoon. Slide the compressed mattress out of the box.
  2. Set It Down - Position your compressed Cocoon on a flat and sturdy foundation, whether that’s a bed frame, wooden slats, or a box spring.
  3. Set It Free - Unwrap and unroll your Cocoon by pulling the loose plastic tab on the wrapper with your hands. No sharp objects required.
  4. Watch and Marvel - This is the fun part. Watch it expand. Your Cocoon will reach near-full shape after just one minute. It will be fully expanded and ready for sleep in about 30 minutes.

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