Sealy Cocoon 10" Plush
Sealy Cocoon 10" Plush
Sealy Cocoon 10" Plush
Sealy Cocoon 10" Plush
Sealy Cocoon 10" Plush

Sealy Cocoon 10" Plush

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Transform Your Bedroom with Cocoon by Sealy™

  • Your bedroom should be comfortable, an escape, and a reflection of your style.
  • Invest in the right mattress backed by 135 years of Sealy experience.
  • Quality and beautiful design are not reserved for the few.

Why Cocoon?

  • Superior Quality: Backed by 135 years of experience and innovation. Guaranteed to stand up to 10 years of use.
  • Supremely Comfortable: Offers choices to fit your preferences and sleep style.
  • Modern, Sophisticated Design: Beauty and function across materials, aesthetics, and design.

Real Quality. Better Sleep.

  • Premium Fabric Cover: Breathable and durable with a soft feel.
  • Perfect Fit Memory Foam: Adapts to your body size, shape, and sleep position for a great sleep.
  • Personalized Comfort: Choose between soft and firm layers for your preferred feel.
  • Essential Support Foam: Highly durable and resilient.

What's the Difference?

  • Cocoon Soft: Perfect for those who like a plusher, "hugged" feel.
  • Cocoon Firm: Great for those who prefer a firmer, "on the bed" feeling.

Setting Up Your Cocoon

  1. Unbox: Move the box into your room.
  2. Set It Down: Position your compressed Cocoon on a flat and sturdy foundation.
  3. Set It Free: Unwrap and unroll your Cocoon effortlessly.
  4. Watch and Marvel: Watch it expand and be fully ready for sleep in about 30 minutes.

Make your bedroom your "happy place" with Cocoon by Sealy. Experience superior quality, comfort, and design for better sleep.

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